CEO of the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine («UA:PBC») Mr. Alasania has sued the members of the Supervisory Board of the UA:PBC

Mr. Alasania demands to cancel the decision of the Board on early contract termination with him.
His attorney-at-law, Mr. Andriy Guck, has informed the public that the claim would be filed on the 25th of February. He has also informed that Mr. Alasania intends to protect his labor rights and thinks that the decision of the Supervisory Board is unlawful.
Mr. Alasania demands cancellation of voting by secret ballot since a lot of members of the Supervisory Board have not been aware of agenda setting.
Mr. Guck has also noted that the aim of the claim is to let the Supervisory Board members evaluate their procedural violations which took place during voting on the 31st of January and correct the situation.
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