Dispute Resolution

Litigation is the foundation of Ante’s lawyers’ experience, which allows us to provide our clients with practical and far-reaching consultations, detect conflicts in time and manage risks.

Ante represents clients in aviation and pharmaceuticals in various disputes and court cases related to their activities, and also handles clients` cases related to other sectors of the economy.

University v. The Ministry of Education, The Political Party v. Sociologists, supply of pigs, renewal of a high-ranking officer in the service, mutual settlements in the chain tourists-tour operator-charter airline-airports, delivery of flowers from Africa to Ukraine with a partial loss of documents and damage to the goods at various airports, settlements in an electronic clearing house with a foreign element, avoiding double taxation of a foreign airline in the absence of an appropriate intergovernmental agreement – these cases demonstrate that we are capable to conduct deep research and analysis on the case and handle any unique and controversial case.

Empowering us to resolve your disputes and handle cases, our clients can be sure that they will get:

  • team, focused on their case;
  • fast, impartial and true assessment of the situation and risks;
  • effective and dynamic action plan taking into consideration peculiarities of the client’s business;
  • the possibility to make conscious decisions and coordination of strategy and tactics;
  • adequate, timely and complete information on the state of business and development of events;
  • argumentative legal position;
  • laconic, effective, well-considered and professionally analyzed procedural documents;
  • independence, confidentiality and legal ways for dispute resolution;
  • a professional representative in a court session who owns oratorical skills and has an arsenal of tactical techniques, and who is capable of beating opponents and persuading the court;
  • public affairs skills, interaction with mass media and government bodies.

Public cases:

lawsuit of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy against the Ministry of education of Ukraine regarding the reduction of state-funded places and prohibition of cross-entry to master’s degree program (2012-2013);

– representation of the leading sociological service in the case brought by a political party appealing against results of sociological research (2012);

– representation of a subsidiary of a Turkish air carrier in a series of lawsuits regarding entering the Ukrainian market (2014-2015);

– representation of a well-known pharmaceutical company in a case that was considered as one of the top 5 cases of pressure on business in Ukraine (2017-2019);

– representation of a judge – a candidate to the Supreme Court in a case on appealing the results of the competition (2018);

– representation of the Head of the board of National public broadcasting company of Ukraine Mr. Zurab Alasania in a case regarding illegal labor contract termination (2019);

– legal services for DFU Agro LLC regarding harvest rights defense (2019);

– legal services for the next of kin of Ukrainian passengers of PS752 flight.

Legal 500 recommends Ante and Andriy Guck as highly skilled professionals in dispute resolution.

Ante is recognized as one of the leaders in dispute resolution among the law firms of “the bronze league” according to the research “Leaders of the Market” of the “Legal Newspaper”. The publication “Ukrainian law firms. A handbook for foreign clients” has been recommending Andriy Guck as an outstanding court lawyer since 2018.