Modern Technology

Ante provides legal assistance for clients involved in perspective projects regarding the use and creation of modern and unique technologies.

One of such projects is the creation of a program (algorithm) based on the analysis of a database of images of the retina of the eye by artificial intelligence, which can help identify a disease. The legal aspects of such a project involve the search for the adequate legal regulation of technology, which at the same time includes a computer program, a medical product and know-how.

Also, legal mechanisms for the use of personal and medical data need to be determined, their depersonalization considering the legal regimes of many countries, as well as the peculiarities of the relations between the authors of the idea and their partners, developers, and users of technology.

The rapid development of pilotless technologies also requires the search for effective legal solutions. Ante is one of the few law firms in Ukraine involved in the development of state regulation in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

With detailed expertise in the field of general aviation, we contribute to the creation of modern and adequate rules of the game on the market of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles – UAV) in the interests of the state, manufacturers, and users of these systems.