“The idea to hold Ukraine liable for the catastrophe regarding MN17 was eventually denied,” – Andriy Guck.

Mr. Andriy Guck, a lawyer and an expert in the field of international aviation law, has made preliminary conclusions regarding the investigation.
Russia has always claimed that it had been denied taking part in the investigation. However, the joint investigation team, which is working on the accident regarding MN17, claims that everything is considered, and Russia has every opportunity to provide the information they want. Therefore, Russia is unlikely to get involved in the investigation or trial.
The investigation itself will be finished with Russia`s participation or without it. Another aspect is trial, which presupposes having suspects, who are obviously the citizens of Russia. Thus, it is very unlikely that Russia will surrender somebody for the trial.
However, we see a certain unity of the international community. After the results of the investigations, we see the joint statement of the ministers of the G7 countries, which clearly states that Russia is involved in the abovementioned tragedy.
Mr. Guck notes that any law suits regarding Ukraine`s liability for this case are not substantiated since airspace at an altitude of 10,000 meters and above is open to civil aircraft, even over the territory of a military conflict, and no country can be forced to close it.