Regular Clients

One of the formats of cooperation with Ante is the monthly prepayment of a certain number of hours of lawyers` work of the firm, depending on the needs of the client.

At the initial stage we examine the activities and distinctive features of a client`s business, establish cooperation, provide the client with legal advice regarding topical issues. Later, we are involved to deal with complex or exceptional situations and when the need to involve an attorney-at-law arises.

We provide legal assistance so that our advice is clear and easy to apply and implement in the specific business of a client.

The cooperation with the client’s staff is constructed in such a way as to gradually develop the skills of using legal instruments and to maximally simplify and minimize the participation of lawyers in day-to-day work, while remaining efficient and effective.

We offer our clients such services as drafting of individual document templates, action algorithms, instructions that help them perform their daily work within the law framework and without the involvement of lawyers in usual situations.

We are proud to have been working with many of our clients for a long time and be a kind of advisors who are trusted to find solutions to the most difficult and sensitive situations.

Also, our clients can always get valuable recommendations from us regarding our partners – patent attorneys, specialists in the field of search for patent information, accountants and auditors.