Media and Advertising

One of Ante’s most interesting practices is work with media and advertising markets. Dynamic development of these spheres, digitalization, the latest advertising technologies give rise to a constant movement and search for innovative legal solutions. We help businesses “be creative” without breaking the law.

Understanding key business interests of our clients allows us to provide them with effective and practical assistance in the closest fields to consumers of their goods and services:

  • counseling regarding compliance with the legislation while conducting informational and advertising activities;
  • counseling regarding regulatory issues and compliance with competition law while creating and distributing informational and advertising materials;
  • search for legal methods of goods` promotion which are subject to state`s close supervision, for instance medicines and medical devices;
  • drafting contracts and other documents regarding manufacturing and distribution of informational and advertising materials;
  • creating contracts for cooperation with models, actors and other individuals, who receive payment for using their image in advertising or cinema;
  • preparation of standard operating procedures and other rules for employees involved in the creation of information and promotional materials;
  • negotiations with distributors, advertising agencies and other counterparties of the client, who are involved in advertising activity;
  • protection of client’s interests before the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the State Service of Ukraine to Food Safety and Consumer Protection and the courts.